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Do you want bright white teeth all year round?

For only $13.90 per week, it’s an affordable way to whiten and maintain your beaming smile.

You asked, we listened! At Smile Addiction we are excited to offer our NEW Subscription Service!
You get 6 full treatments throughout the year! 3 Treatment within the first 2 months to ensure your teeth are as Bright as they can be, then one every 3 months to keep your teeth white all year round. Making it convenient and can be tailored to whatever suits you.
What are the savings? To put it simply, a lot! You’ll pay a total of $722.80 for the year, which works out to be only $120.46 per treatment, saving you $467.20! HALF the price of what 6 treatments would normally cost, so the savings are huge!

(In comparison to the standard Addictive Bright Treatment at $235 initially, then $159 for follow up appointments. Total of $1190)

A simple payment plan, making it easier than ever to achieve pearly whites 365 days a year!

Terms and Conditions: Your subscription is valid for the nominated person only and not transferable. Sharing your subscription booking code will result in you paying for the full treatment. The period of the subscription is for 12 months. Your subscription is ongoing, it is a periodic agreement that will continue after the 12 months until either you or we terminate it. A formal cancellation notice of 4 weeks is required at the end of your 12 months if you wish to suspend your subscription.


Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Everywhere you look, from your Instagram feed to all the images in magazines to the posters at your local dentist’s office, the importance of having whiter teeth is everywhere around you.

Teeth whitening is a completely safe, life-enhancing process that can have positive a effect on both your physical appearance and your psychological health.

  1. It enhances your appearance
  2. It boosts your self-confidence
  3. It can minimise the look of wrinkles
  4. It’s affordable
  5. It doesn’t damage your teeth

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Smile Addiction Bright Treatment Subscription

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$13.90 p/week


What Our Clients Have to Say

With Smile Addiction, you can achieve your ultimate smile but don’t just take our word, read some of client’s testimonials who have had great results from using our teething whitening services.

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