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Smile Addiction is one of Adelaide’s leading teeth whitening services. Our highly trained technicians will help you achieve the perfect BRIGHT and WHITE smile you’ve always imagined!

Why Teeth Whitening by Smile Addiction?

Pain-free process

We can help get your teeth 8 shades whiter within just one hour with our pain-free process.

10 shades lighter

Our advanced technology has been delivering remarkable results of up to 10 shades lighter in only 90 minutes.

We're Affordable

We provide an easy, affordable and pain free service that fits within your budget and lifestyle.


Affordable Teeth Whitening Services

There is often the misconception that teeth whitening is a long and painful process. However, with Smile Addiction, you can achieve your ultimate smile. You will also gain back the confidence you deserve with one of our two, pain-free, teeth whitening services!


Our Smile Addictive Clients

Experience how our teeth whitening service can boost your confidence immediately! We guarantee you will be addicted to your brighter and whiter smile!


What Our Clients Have to Say

With Smile Addiction, you can achieve your ultimate smile but don't just take our word, read some of client's testimonials who have had great results from using our teething whitening services.

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